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Can I be stopped from moving to another state with my child? Also, does her father need my permission to take her out of state?

Q: I have full legal custody of my daughter. I am also getting married at the end of this year. My daughter’s father has been out of her life for over 18 months (Aug 2013 – March 2015) and has recently been granted temporary visitation (March 2015). My fiance and I have been planning to move to NJ since last year, after the wedding. Will the current visitation prevent me from moving to NJ. Also, because I have full custody of my daughter, will her father have to get my permission to take her across state lines (i.e vacation)? If the move is due to a job change ( I will eventually want to move to FL with my company), be it on my part or my husbands part, can I be stopped?

A: David’s Answer: Many more factors go into a relocation than merely the current visitation schedule. Among the factors is how far into Jersey you’d move – as the focus is to what degree it will interfere with the father’s visits. The father should notify you about travel, but doesn’t necessarily need your permission unless the order says otherwise. As there’s a lot going on here, you may be better off calling a NYC Child Custody attorney to schedule a consult. David Bliven, Bronx Child Custody attorney (www.blivenlaw.net)

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