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June 2015 Archives

Can I be stopped from moving to another state with my child? Also, does her father need my permission to take her out of state?

Q: I have full legal custody of my daughter. I am also getting married at the end of this year. My daughter's father has been out of her life for over 18 months (Aug 2013 - March 2015) and has recently been granted temporary visitation (March 2015). My fiance and I have been planning to move to NJ since last year, after the wedding. Will the current visitation prevent me from moving to NJ. Also, because I have full custody of my daughter, will her father have to get my permission to take her across state lines (i.e vacation)? If the move is due to a job change ( I will eventually want to move to FL with my company), be it on my part or my husbands part, can I be stopped?

Can I file for custody of my children if their mother is moving out of state without my consent?

Q: I am the non custodial parent of my 2 sons aged 15 and 8. I am planning to file for custody as my childs mother is planning a move out of New York. My 15 year old wants to live with me before all this came to light. Will I be able to move him to my house without issue? and will there be a problem with my 8yr old in regards to having custody?

Can I lose custody bc I'm on bipolar medicine?

Q: I was diagnosed with bipolar & am taking meds. We have joint custody & I currently have residential custody of our child who is 2 yrs old. My ex is trying to modify the order (and avoid paying child support) bc I'm on bipolar meds. Can he really use this as a reason? Can I lose my child?

Is the Non Custodial Parent entitled to child care expenses?

Q: My stupid ex is asking me if I am willing to REDUCE the amount he pays me because he is paying for child care expenses now. He got a new job and can't drop our daughter to school on his visitation days so he hired someone to do it for him. Does that count? If he goes to court can I say that he shouldn't have changed jobs? He is NOT making a lot more at the new job, I checked. Maybe just $3K difference. And since he doesn't have time to drop her off at school can I reduce his visitation to weekends and school breaks?

I moved a lot closer to my children, will I get more visitation time?

Q: I moved from CT to NY to be closer to my kids, will I get more visitation time? Right now I have them every other weekend and two overnights during the week. I want to get them every other week, so more of a 50/50 split. Is that likely to happen? I feel like it's not a big of a deal since I'm only asking for 3 days more with them.

Summer vacation

Q: Divorce irder states that parties get 2 non consecutive weeks summer vacation. I am the custodial parent and if i am planning on going out of statr should i let the non custodial father know about the plans. According to the decree, i have to let the father know with the summer vacation date by May 20th of each year. If i tell the father the weeks that i want with the child, would that be substantial or do i need to let the father know about my vacation plans with the kids. Can i go on a summer vacation out of state without letting other parent know.

What are my chances?

Q: My son father is seeking joint custody but i want sole custody is there any way as a mother i can be granted that? If anyone can look at my court papers because i was recently served and not fulling understanding whats going to happen.

I want to move to another state with my child, but her dad is giving me a hard time, can I still move without his consent

Q: My child is 13, I've had full custody since 2010. She use to spent ever weekend at his place but now she doesn't want to go, I have to force her to visit with him. She wants to move, she see n feel as if this can be a new beginning for her due to the fact that she's been experiencing hardship and bulling at school. We live in NY and he lives in NJ. He asked if I would live her with him but she refuse to, she told him herself. He asked me to move to NJ, but my husband and I have better job opportunities and way of live out there (Florida). What should I do?

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