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How Does Custody Affect Child Support?

There are number of ways that a custody of a child affects child support. So you’re best advised to sit down with an experienced family law attorney today to plan for tomorrow!

What Income Counts For Child Support Purposes?

Any money coming into your wallet is probably going to be considered income for child support purposes.

What Factors Are Considered In A Child Custody Determination?

There are a number of specific factors that the court considers when awarding custody when dealing with two biological parents.

What Are The Different Types Of Child Custody In New York?

In New York, custody can be determined in a number of ways. These ways are further discussed in the video.

How Is Child Custody Handled In New York, If We Still Live Together?

Find out the ways that are discussed in the video to handle child custody if both the parents are still living together.

Should I Give Custody Of My Kids To Their Father?

There are circumstances in which a mother can voluntarily give custody of her children to their father.