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Posts tagged "child support"

I owe child support, im in the rears.

Q: I was working at one time and paying almost 800 a month, but i was young and didnt know to much about the chils support or going to court to get it modified. But i have proof of when i wasent employed am i able to get a lawyer to help with lowering the rears or can my kids more do it also. need help.

When do you stop paying child in NYS?

Q: I have a child support order for 2 children, who are now age 22 and 20. The 22 yr old graduates college in December the 21 yr old is working. If the 21 yr old decides to go to college next yr a month b/f the 21st bday do I have to continue to pay and when do I stop paying?

Where can I educate myself - civil procedure for OSC Contempt of FJOD and enforcement of support arrears?

Q: Infuriated lawyer, told me dont ask questions. 1yr into OSC for contempt arrears $500,000. No idea whats going on. Hearings councel meets with Judge, I'm called in at end. Why? IRS documented Tax Fraud & Identity Theft, acknowledged as victim of crime. Referred to OVC. I am sick w/o ins coverage for treatment. Ins. part of FJOD. Throughout 1yr course of events Ex has continued in contempt, dont know if Judge is aware. Pays $0 in support. FJOD 50% of gross income. Public record, he speaks of accolades, in top 2% of sales for his national brand. Claims to court hes an indigent banker/investor. Bank statements, 1 acc. shows $24,000 mthly. dep. No expense
New federal investigation began. Electric shut off- hospitalized. Have draft of motion, no sign. Using my po box on bank docs, my home address on his personal cks. My neighbor's address on tax return & alimony filed SS#123456789. Police report filed. If deception was presented to court Judge would know hes not credible. Dont know what info Judge has. Do not believe its same documents I have. I need help. My Illness is being used as a weakness. Medical treatment at mayo clinic has been haulted. My children deserve stability & a Mom. 

I pay child support for a 17old, I am retiring do I still pay child support on top of my pension qdro order?

Q: My son is 17yrs old, I still have to pay until he is 21, I am retiring in 2019 he will be 19, my qdro states she gets a portion of my pension masjukas formula, will I be paying child support and the qdro ordered pension payments too until he reaches age 21? I will not be able to survive.

Child support and ssi benefits ?

Q: Baby has ssi but the income is not enough can I get child support while the baby is on ssi? The baby temporary do not live with me lives with my mom and she is the payee how do this work is ssi income calculated? If I get good engouh child support order can I cancel the ssi? I am planing to move child back home with me and the ssi will terminate due to my income I need to know can I take him to court now with the ssi then terminate when child moves back home would that affect child support

Is child care such as summer camp and after-school programs something I can have added to the child support the father pays?

Q: I took my daughter's father to court five years ago for child support, I never went back to have the amount increased or to request more money. For the past two years he has refused to pay for her summer camp and after school. When I have approached him about it he tells me he already pays child support and that if I want anything more for me to take him to court.

Why does the amended IWO show the same amount as the original IWO?

Q: I keep receiving amended iwo letters from the child support agency, but the withholding amount in the letter is the same as the current charge from my paycheck. I get charged 119$ a week for childsupport from my paycheck and the amended IWO shows the same amount to be charged. Why send an amended IWO if the amount is the same?

How can I get an illegal alien to pay for child support ?

Q: I recently filed for child support , the problem is he pays child support when he wants to , when I went to court they gave him the amount he has to paid weekly to our son, the problem is he doesn't pay he actually owns our son about 2,000$ . Hes illegal in the united states and at this point I really dont know what my next step should be ?

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