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Posts tagged "child custody"

Is it the law that the father is responsible to pay for supervise visitation when the mother is requesting it ?

Q: I have been granted Sole legal and physical custody of my son, the mother has not seen him for a year do to her issues with no license do to failing to pay child support, and CPS issues.

Given all of the info below, shouldn't the held premise, that the non- fostering of a relationship, defeat Tropea?

Q: I recently concluded a child relocation case in a New York Supreme Court. The judge cited the proceedings and his observations during the trial. The wife admitted beating me, the husbandand and having me arrested by making a false statement to the cops, bringing our son late for visitations, etc. She stated that she placed little faith that the custodial mom would do anything to foster a relationship with the non-custodial father. Such is her hatred. To boot, the attorney for the child stated the same thing. There was never any abuse claimed by the mother or child or anyone else, but citing all the factors in Tropea v Tropea (all purely speculative, however, e.g., the school system would be better, despite her not knowing where they would live, and neither does the judge), she granted her move with our son to the West Coast. i would like to have an as normal can be relationship with him as possible; it would be just about impossible for us to see each other. The judge even suggested that she would be unaccountable in another court's jurisdiction.

My daughter's father isn't being nice to her and is taking his gifts back. Can he do that ?

Q: I won sole legal and physical custody at the end of August. He has visitation every other weekend Saturday morning to Sunday evening. He originally waa fighting for Thursday to Sunday every other weekend but it was denied and I won. Since then my daughter comes home crying after every visit saying how mean they have become. I feel like they are taking it out on her since she told her lawyer she only wanted one night every other weekend. She is currently 8 years old. She told me that the presents they got her for her birthday that they gave it away to her father's girlfriend kid. Gifts of jackets and coats he wants them back. They made her a knit doll 2 years ago and now they want it back. I really don't care if they want their stuff back but it is affecting my daughter. I don't think it is right. Can they do that? She has also told me that her father called her a selfish little brat like your mother...and that he told her if she wanted him to sign a paper so that he isn't legally her father...she is 8 years old. I feel like this isnt appropriate. Can I suspend his visitation or request supervised? What can be done? Can I deny him getting the doll back?

How much would I have to pay to file a writ oh ha rid corpus in New York Family Court?

Q: I have a custody document from New Jersey and the child has my son in New York so I have to go to New York to present the custody document to retrieve my son whose resident is in South Carolina. How much do I need to file that document in New York?

Do I ha e rights to know where my daughter lives even if there is a restraining order against me?

Q: She moved my daughter to Florida and I don't know where and I want to k ow where my daughter is...we have not gone to court for custody yet but I want to know I I have rights to know where she is

Can I petition to have my child adopted rather than give away custody ?

Q: I need to permanately remove myself from my 15 year olds life. Every year I'm fighting new charges against me because of her. I don't want any part of her life including paying child support. If I'm sued for custody I would be facing that.

Although this was a crim case invlving a Constitutionl right, wouldn't the constit also come into play in this NY reloc case?

Q: I lost a relocation case in a NY Supreme Court. My attorney thought it was best that I, the defendant, shouldn't take the stand. In her closing argument, the kids' mother's attorney, "jumped all over me for this". I just read about a Tennessee murder case, State v Noura Jackson; the TN Supreme Ct. overturned her conviction in part, because they ruled that the Constitutional right to remain silent, means that a defendant's decision not to testify "should be considered off limits to any conscientious prosecutor" , so that the jury doesn't view it as an implicit admission of guilt. I want to appeal the relocation based upon this and other factors.

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