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Posts tagged "child custody"

How does an emergency pick up order work?and can the mother move away with our children if I have sole custody?

Q: My children's mom said she was taking my children to a party and never bought them back to me and enrolled them in schools in powder springs ga.I have temporary sole custody.

What is the chance of my losing custody due to prior substance abuse and mental health issues?

Q: Two years ago I won residential custody with joint legal custody. Since then my ex has been digging up dirt to return to court and seek custody change. I'm concerned because 14 years ago I had substance abuse and mental health issues that I got help for. About ten years prior to that, before I even knew my spouse, I had made a suicide attempt and was hospitalized. I'm reasonably certain my ex has gained my treatment records and plans to use them as evidence for a custody change. I have been stable and substance free for many years now. Our children are happy and doing well in school. I have been primary care-taker of our children since January 2008 wherein my ex gave me the responsibility for our children upon our separation at the time. We tried reconciling but the abuse from my ex was not getting better so we fought for custody and a settlement was reached for me as custodian in June 2016 and incorporated in our divorce decree in December 2017. My ex constantly disparages me to our children and has even sent me profanity laden text messages until about three months ago I'm guessing this stopped so I can't show anything recent regarding abuse. Thank you in advance for your help. 

Unmarried mother and custody rights?

Q: My sons father wants to take him for a weekend and I am nervous he will not return him as promised. We currently do not have an active custody battle but I plan on filing a petition for sole custody on Monday. In the event he chooses not to bring him home, before I get to court, do I have the right to get him back or will police most likely tell me he has equal rights and can keep him? Please help I am so scared he won't bring him home out of spite and there will be nothing I can do!

My daughters father wants joint custody, but i want nothing to do with him, can i just ask for visitation rights instead?

Q: He wants joint custody but iam very uncomfortable around him. I give him my daughter every weekend since last year i barely get to spend time with my daughter on the weekends. Can i ask for just visits every other weekend and share holidays. I really dont want communication much with him.

How likely am I to get custody of my child or what type of evidence would help me in court?

Q: I live in New York but I want to move back to Ohio. My child and his mother live in New York but I want to fight for full custody to be able to take him to Ohio with me. She does not work, she depends on her family for everything including providing for the child. I work, have my own place, no family to fall back on, and I have my son everyday after work. She also has a warrant in another state and was in jail during the pregnancy.

I'm seeking to relocate from NY to NC two different dads?

Q: The father of my 6 year old we have no court order but he was decleared the father by the court with out dna he does not support my son I do allow the child to spend time with him every other weekend do to his mothers recuest no court order establish of custody or vist .Dad of my 2 year old we have joint custody every other weekend 2 weeks in the summer pays child support. I do have immediate family in NC and a good job offer from the family company itself and house ready I'm a mother of 7 children and New York is really hard to survive even tho I can do it but it would be great for me and my children to have more space they are refusing to let me move.

Who should do pick and drop off during visitation?

Q: My friend has a child with his ex who is 4 years old. She has no other children. He also has a child with his current partner that is 1 years old. There is no official court order but they do visitation approximately every other weekend. Saturday to sunday. At first the ex was bringing the child and then my friend would take the child back on Sunday. But now the ex wants my friend to do both pick up and drop off. It is close to a 2 hour commute by the subway. Since he also has a baby at home would a judge order him to do both pick and drop off or is it possible for him to get in a court order for the ex to bring the child to him and then he takes her back the next day? Since he would spend a lot of time traveling and he has another child that he has to watch sometimes in the mornings while the mom is at work.

I am going for sole custody of my two younger children because their father has not been involved how can I do this?

Q: Their father does not communicate with their teachers, doesn't go to IEP Meetings for either one, dr appointments, therapy appointments, cancels on Wednesday when he's supposed to see them, and doesn't keep them for more than 24 hours on his weekend, which he has also cancelled a number of times.

If my son's mother no longer has custody of my son and I don't have custody do I still have to keep paying child support?

Q: My son's mother lost custody of my son and I don't have custody is it mandatory for me to keep paying child support. I'm confused.

Can a father (ncp) try for primary custody if he doesn't have the means for it?

Q: My friend has an ex who wants to try to get primary custody. The child is almost 4 years old and has always lived with the mother. The ex doesnt make as much money as the mother, he is always broke, and has no bedroom or things for the child. He also wants to pull the child out of her preschool so that he doesn't need to pay the tution. He lives in the bronx and the mother lives in queens. He lives with his gf and their new baby. But she is the breadwinner. He was just placed on child support and it was more then he expected. He wants to try to get primary custody so as to get off of child support. Would he be able to get primary custody if the mother is a good mom and the child lives in a good area, in a nice apartment and has her own bedroom and things. The child is attached to both parents. If he can't get primary and he tries for joint, If he gets granted 50-50 physical custody would he still have to pay full child support to the mother in New York State?

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