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Posts tagged "child custody"

When can my child refuse visitation with non custodial Parent

Q: My Son is 12. He's been in therapy for a few years in regard to a bad relationship with his Father & Father's live in Paramour. As he's gotten older his relationship with both the Dad and GF has deteriorated. He no longer feels comfortable being in their company and has NO relationship with his Dad. MY Ex is always threatening me with Court (we've been there a handful) and faults me for his sour relationship with our Son. Therapist has said it's in the best interest of my Son not to be with his Dad based on bad experiences and that my Son can refuse to go. Attorney says, therapist doesn't know legalities. Not easy being a Mom sandwiched in between. I've sent/forced my Son every time he's was scheduled to see his Dad, even the weekends. the situation has gotten progressively worse. HELP!

Biological father wants visitation with teenager

Q: Bio father served me with visitation papers after not seeing his child since he was 3 years old. Child is 14 years old with a crazy athletic schedule. Child has always been told that if he ever wants to spend time or meet all he has to do is ask but child wants nothing to do with him not even speak to him. What do I do? Will court force him to be with this man on weekends even though he doesn't want to be around him?

How can I get custody of my 2 yr old cousin?

Q: My uncle is busy working multiple jobs making him busy (granted he has days off) but the mother who is suppose to be taking care of him everyday is completely negligent of him and his health. When he had an asthma attack he was at her friends house while my uncle was at work and she was off chasing a guy and was no where to be found.

Can I get a court order regarding need to work with a parent coordinator enforced without going back to court?

Q: My ex husband and I have been ordered by the court to work with a Parent Coordinator. After a few months my ex husband stopped coming to the sessions although our last stipulation clearly indicates that we should work with a Parent Coordinator and should not go back to court without prior consultation with the Parent Coordinator except for major emergencies. How can i get my ex husband back to PC without spending thousands of money in court again?

How can I get my post divorce stipulation enforced?

Q: I got divorced 3 years ago. The procedure was quick and amicable. However shortly after my ex started to misbehave and we had to go back to court several times. We signed last year a petition in order to tighten our agreement (mainly around access time for our daughter). However he keeps breaching it. Small breaches (he is late to drop off our daughter, says bad things to her about me...). Each incident alone does not seem severe enough for me to go back to court but the accumulation makes it very annoying. What can I do? He makes much less than me so I'm afraid I may not get any legal fee reimbursed if I go back to court and at this point I'd rather save for college for my daughter than paying more legal fees....

My child has been in my care and living with me her 6 months of living, her mother came and took her away. What can i legally do

Q: I have been taking care of my daughter her whole 6 months of living but twoce now her mother has come and snatched her out my care. What can i legally do? All of my daughters information is in my name and she was living with me in a shelter til today

Is this considered Kidnapping?

Q: My daughters mother has full sole custody, but in our custody agreement she is prohibited from leaving/ moving with my child without my consent, my daughter is 10 years old and is telling me she no longer lives in the home (NY)where she used to live in and now lives in( NJ), The mother will not disclose the address and continues to lie to everyone about where my daughter is living. Would this be considered kidnapping?

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