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Posts tagged "Divorce"

When I went to the store I came home and my husband put up a locked mailbox that me and my sons can't get into is this illegal?

Q: My husband has been emotionally and mentally abusing me for over 30 years and it's getting worse and worse. 


Q: I am American I married my husband in Jamaica - he's Jamaican. He was denied to come to America to live with me we have been married over 4 years and I would like to divorce him because we cannot live together. Can I divorce him from here in America and if so would it be uncontested?

How can my boyfriend obtain his divorce if the women is in Honduras and he is in United States

Q: Me and my boyfriend want to get married but he got married in Honduras by the civil and he wants to get divorce here in United States does he have to go back to his country to get divorced because he is not a citizen

I have been with the same man since 2013 - married divorced married again can I receive alimony?

Q: there is something not right with him and I didn't find out until about 2 months into the relationship should've ran but didn't - he gets mad over stupid things sometimes you don't even know what it is and leaves without a trace for days weeks.. No its not drugs - sometimes I think its random flings but I am not allowed to ask questions only he is allowed to question me and in the end makes me believe I am wrong and he is right. This last bout happened 2 weeks ago and he is staying at his cousins for getting mad at me over something stupid but then when we started talking I had a problem and needed him and he said he couldn't cause (everything else in the world is more important - says he loves me more than anything - that's why I don't want to bail on him cause I feel like he will have no one) his cousins wife needed him for something so I texted he must be "doing things" with her and when I called ten minutes later to apologize he changed his number - he has put me through mental emotional and physical hell and even my kids lived with their father because of him for some time so I am stupid for always letting him back in but I deserve alimony and a divorce now - can I get it?

How to get a divorce in NYS if I can't locate my husband?

Q: My husband and I broke up in June 2016. We've had ZERO contact since July of 2017. I've been trying to contact him for over a month so we can start the divorce process. I was told I will need to have him served with divorce papers but since I can't find him and nobody from his family will speak to me I can't have him served. I heard he is living in Florida now.

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