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Posts tagged "Divorce"

If my husband stays out for days at a time will that help me with the divorce should I file a missing persons report each time i

Q: I desperately need a divorce my husband stays out for 2 days at a time should I file a missing persons report and will this help me with my divorce

My husband is filing for divorce and waived marital property distribution, does that include co-op property?

Q: He wants to have a verbal agreement leaving me with apartment. He will help pay the morgage until i can refinance. How can i trust that if he abandoned me! I cant afford the expenses. What should i do?

How to find out If I'm married or divorce?

Q: In 1999 I was having issues with my mom. I met a man from Pakistan whom I really thought was my friend. He helped me when I was down. He convinced me to marry him bc I wasn't going to suffer. We married in Yonkers.
One day I over heard my husband telling someone on the phone that he married me for his green card.
When I found out what that meant I ran away and I haven't seen him since.
Now I'm 42 and in love with the best man. And would love to get married. Need more info on how to go about knowing if I'm married. 

Can I evict my wife from my co-op apartment that I purchased prior to our marriage?

Q: I purchased my NYC co-op apartment, moved my then girlfriend and her daughter in to the apartment about a year later. We got married and she has assisted me with paying maintenance while she has lived with me. We are now in a very bad place and will be getting a divorce. We have agreed that she will move out but I want to ensure I'm able to enforce this given that we are now sharing an apartment even though we are no longer in a relationship. 

OSC for contempt. Out of state divorce governed by the Supreme Court. Is a county court general jurisdiction the proper court fo

Q: divorce judgment it has to be in a court of competent jurisdiction. Is the court of General jurisdiction in New York state a court of competent jurisdiction equal to the Supreme Court of Florida? My question is the court in which is an ordere to show-cause is filed in a court of General jurisdiction not the Supreme Court. . In the order for enforce my final judgement of divorce , my case should be heard in a court of competent jurisdiction , NYS COURT is not a Supreme Court changed. I'm concerned that court of General jurisdiction is not the right Court for the origin show cause to be filed with . Any assistance would be greatly appreciated .

How do I get the recent post-nuptial agreement I signed disqualified?

Q: I agreed to dismiss the divorce action I commenced if we entered into a post-nuptial agreement. We both made full disclosure of finances and had full and separate legal representation. The agreement was very fair. In exchange for some concessions on my part, my spouse agreed to have incomes and retirements separate as of the date I filed for divorce (because that would be the date the court would likely use if we proceeded to divorce). I am the higher earner. We also agreed to contribute to the household, including college for the kids, in accordance with our incomes (me contributing more). Problem is two months after signing the postnuptial agreement; I realized that my lawyer left off the filing date in the retirement clause, which means in the event we divorce, my spouse would be entitled to his Majauskas share of my retirement up to the new filing date. I asked my spouse if he would be willing to have the agreement corrected to state the original filing date. He said no. Do I have any recourse? If I file again, will the original filing date be used? or the new filing date? I don't really want to file again, but don't want him to be entitled to half after that date.

What are my rights as a wife for divorce and child support hence I married in Cozumel Mexico?

Q: My husband and I both are citizens of the US and had gotten married in Cozumel, Mexico 6 years ago. But my husband doesn't want to get a marriage certificate here in the states. We haven't had relations for a year by his choice because of my religious beliefs and he is threating to leave me and our 11year old daughter because I have several documented illness and threatning to have sex with other women because of my religious beliefs! He has "lost his wedding ring" and he doesn't support us financially other than half the rent and detergent for me to wash clothing. What are my rights please?

What measures to take to safeguard Marital Assets (Married for 30 years)?

Q: I do not want divorce, want to live separately. We do have marital assets(houses, 401k, stock options, retirement), all acquired during marriage). Husband in late sixties still high wage earner, I am early sixty (low wage, part time). Can I apply for spousal support while living separately. Do not want my husband to make changes in his will or reallocation of assets. Please give me few ideas before recommending to speak to a matrimonial Lawyer. 

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