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Posts tagged "Family Law"

If I file for child support do I have to change my sons last name to his father's once the dna confirms paternity?

Q: My son is 12 years old and now is when my child father's family members are looking for my son. My son's father has never looked for or wanted anything to do with my son and still wants nothing to do with my son. My son currently has my last name and has had it since birth. If I file for child support am I required by law to change my son's last name to his father's last name or can my son stay with my last name?

Our son is currently 2 months, me and my boyfriend broke up . Do I have to let him see the baby ?

Q: After our son was born that same day I was getting discharged my boyfriend at the time wasn't there I was texting him to come but he blocked me on everything that day because we had an argument that night before . So he did not sign his name on the birth certificate and our child had my last name. He's petty and claimed I started the argument just because of the last name.

Can I refuse to give the father of my unborn baby any paternity rights?

Q: I got pregnant by a guy after only dating 3 months. He became very verbally abusive and tried to intimidate me with a air gun for me not to leave him. He has an alcohol addiction, and has PTSD from serving in the army. I have tried to tell him that I don't want us to be more than co-parents but all he does is get upset and tell me that I'm tied to him forever and threatens to hurt my brothers, my father, or any man in my life by reminding me that he can shoot them from a mile away. I'm starting to feel like it's best if he's not involved at all. I left my apartment in PA and moved to NYC with my dad. I need to keep him away from me and my family.

Family law advice

Q: during 2016 my son's father got a visitation order from the courts. For the summer it was 7 days me, (mom), 7 days with dad. I have a super quiet child who keeps to himself at all times but lately every time he comes back from his dad's house, he's crying all the time, even to leave. Before the court order was finalized my son who was 10 at the time was assigned a lawyer and he told her he didn't want to spend all that time with his dad, they didn't investigate why and they completely disregarded his wishes. He finally opened up to me and told me that his dad has been calling him a bunch of curse words and yelling at him, bashing him, bullying him, telling him he's invisible. At this point he doesn't want to go anymore with his dad. His dad is one of those people who likes to do what they want and if my son told him he doesn't want to go he's going to come to my door and cause a big scene. What is the right thing to do so that my son isn't being tortured in that matter. 

How can we try to stop the false accusations brought up by my husbands child's mother?

Q: The mother to my husbands child started to accuse my husband of neglect and not feeding his son when she found out we were dating. She put us in an cps case the moment we became engaged. She then took his son on a three week vacation without his consent and interfering with two of his court ordered visitation. Then on his birthday and the day before we get married she decides to call the cops accusing my husband of being under the influence, however we have audio and video recording of her denying that he was in fact under the influence and that she just had a "gut" feeling. Is there anything we can do to at least stop the false accusations being brought up by this female?

How can I win full custody for my daughter ?

Q: My daughter been living with me for 8 years and now her mother wants to be a so called mother and take my daughter from me and now she has a order of protection against me so i won't see my daughter right now please help me and give me advice on what to do to get my daughter back for good ?

My husband abandoned me n my daughter

Q: My husband abonded me n my daughter for a women we live in NYC he left to Atlanta to live with her..its been 4 months he doesn't give me any money for our child he doesn't call her she has no insurance since he left his job in NYC he doesn't buy any clothes for her I live In a shelter now with her n his new girlfriend is telling him to take my daughter away for them to raise her and get me out the picture.can I put a order of protection against both of them n get his rights taken plz help what can I do

Can a father after being absent in my special needs Childs life for five years get any visitation?can he stop me from relocating?

Q: My sons father has been absent in my sons life since we left he's abusive home in 2012 "five years ago"he's a cop so child support has been active since then"he use to be verbally abusive with both of us "we were given joint custody in 2014 and I was given the ok to re locate to Florida " which I did just for a year "he was given my phone number to keep in contact "well I never saw him again " I lived a few blocks away from him and he never once wanted to see my child " I spoke to he's family members and friends and they use to tell me that he was not interested in making no relationship with my son "I have evidence of this messages "five years later I remarried had a child and in the middle of relocating "my husband has a better job opportunity in Florida "my son is special needs and the school he's going to in Florida have a model for children with a seizure disorder and autism "now my sons father summons me to court "violation of petition in 2014 he's lying in court stating that I never showed him our son but yet he found me to summons me"can I re locate on the basis of my child's. Best interest? Can he get any visitation "should I put an Oder of relocating?

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