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Posts tagged "Divorce"

How long does it take for a judge to sign off on divorce papers?

Q: I live in California, but I was married to this woman that lives in New York. We been sperated for over 5 years. I signed the first divorce papers, but since I didn't get them notarized they threw them out. Now I made sure everything is notarized and signed right I just want to know how long it will take for the judge to sign them? We don't want anything from each other, no money, we have no house together, no children together. Just a plan divorce.

How do I change or remove something in divorce papers?

Q: Divorce has been signed off an done (11/2017) but a matter seems to be a thorn in my side, the right to first refusal part is turning out to be really not workable and with the other person continuing to be not flexible with anything on this part, even violating her part on this also. If away from our child more than 5 hours the other parent must be notified. Can I have this taken out or changed???

My ex wife seems to be letting her boyfriend spend the night for the last past two weeks the condo is in both of our names

Q: We got a divorce she wanted to move out so i agreed but never a time limit its been rough for me but i stuck it out by not moving back in i didnt want her to be uncomfortable i have two children that live there 19 and 16 they asked me to talk to her because they thought it was temporary no use it turned into an arguement i want to move back and tell him to leave the premises and not to come back before it gets ugly i would like to benefit from my savings and hard work not for her to do something different whats my rjghts.

My husband has filed for a uncontested divorce and is asking me for a copy of my health insurance card. Is this normal process?

Q: I'm married for 6 years/14 years together total. My husband is seeking uncontested divorce due to me being a bible student of a religion he believes is a cult. He has started proceedings and is pressuring me to give him copy of my health insurance card. We have a 11year old child. Is this request normal or is he being sneaky?! Please help. I dont know what to do.

If I withdrew my no fault divorce action WITH prejudice, am I stuck married for life?

Q: Just before my divorce trial, I agreed to withdraw my no-fault divorce petition if we had a post-nup written up. I agreed to this so we could wait until our youngest graduated high school. The opposing attorney told my attorney to dismiss WITH prejudice and he did. I want to refile mid next year. What does "with" prejudice vs. "without" prejudice mean when pertaining to divorce? We live in New York.

Hi, if you are married and your spouse walk out for 7 months, what should i do?

Q: I wanted to move bk to trinidad because i dont have a green card, he promised that we can still have a future if i say here in the u.s (he is a u.s citizen) but for some reason i think he is using my situation to his advantage, i really love him and still have hopes that we will work out.

Can my soon to be ex get the IRS involved in our divorce to hurt me?

Q: I own 49 percent of my family business. She came up with a ridiculous proposal for maintence and ownership of the house. Also child support which is not a problem. I am afraid she will get the IRS involved just to hurt me. Also my father is the owner. She is very hostile right now.

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