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Westchester Domestic Violence Attorney Archives

Hi.i have a restraining order against my husband out of weschester county!

Q: He has given to court and police phony address in the past police could not find him there but nobody charged him with violation!!? Yesterday he sent my lawyer a email along with attached copy of the mail to me. I can't reach my lawyer to ask him he ls on vacation. Did he commit any restraint order violations by sending the email to my e mail address. Telling my lawyer that tell her this and that. Order that I have specifically says no electronic communication. Should I file a complaint by myself?? Pls advise. Thanks.

What happens if I accept an order of protection without admitting guilt?

Q: My husband hand an order of protection to get me out of the house and move his girlfried in but I have no physical proof he has a girlfriend. Just pictures of the house appraisal that there is a double bed in the house which was never there before.

My wife threatens me not letting me see my daughter from my ex and also threatens for divorce with order of protection.

Q: My wife does not like when I see my daughter from my ex and threatens me she will take an order of protection if I do not have a joint account with her. What should I do? I fear that this marriage wont work coz she just wants money. She also says she will take an order of protection on flimsy grounds and throw me out of the house. What should I do?

It's and order protection out on me If someone runs my criminal background will it comes up? Is order protection confindential ?

Q: It was brought to my attention that my social security was stolen by my enemy who is out to get me could they run my back ground and see the order protection ? And could they go to the police and say I seen her with the victim(s )? How can i protect myself from this

A: David's Answer:
To run an official background check, they'd need to pay for it - unofficial, online checks don't even require a social security number. As for a false report to the police, presumably the police would seek to verify the report with the victim. Schedule a consult with a Westchester Domestic Violence attorney for more info.

How to modify Family Court Order of Protection in New York?

Q: I was the respondent in a NY family court petition where the petitioner gained a stay away order of protection. Since that time, the petitioner has moved out of state. How does the respondent have the order of protection modified to remove the requirements that they stay away from the petitioner's home and place of employment now that both of these locations have changed since the issuance of the order? The petitioner never had the order modified.

What do I have to submit in order to get an order of protection removed

Q: The Judge where I live had an order of protection and why son is not allowed to live or have any communication with me. I want to submit a motion to get the order of protection removed. What do I have to do. My son is being released in December 2016 and has no where to go. What can I do?
A: David's Answer:
Many more details would need to be supplied in order to answer this question. Was the OP issued by criminal or family court? Did it involve something you did to the child? How old is the child & was an attorney appointed to represent the child? You're best advised to schedule an appointment with a Westchester Domestic Violence attorney for a full assessment.

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