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Westchester Divorce Attorney Archives

Can I sue my ex to share college expenses I have already spent for my son? My son will be 21 in few weeks.

Q: The divorce decree says the parents should share the college expenses based on their respective ability at the time such expenses are incurred. In the decree the Judge has ordered that each parent can take turn in claiming our son as dependent on tax returns. When my son started his college I requested(texted) my ex to stop claiming him on his tax returns, because he was not sharing any college expenses. He agreed to my request (nothing on paper, he has no screen shots saved of that agreement) Can I simply state that no such agreement was made and demand that he reimburse me his share of the college expenses that I have already spent?

In a post-matrimonial enforcement action, we forgot to request that my ex pay counsel fees. Is it too late after the decision?

Q: In my divorce documents finalized a few years ago, it specified that whoever defaults must pay counsel fees. Fast forward to 2017, and my ex filed an Order to Show Cause to get out of splitting college, but because no solid legal arguments were included, it was not successful and in effect it was simply a default. But I understand you also have to ask for it in the enforcement motion itself and that didn't happen. Now some people are saying it's too late to ask for counsel fees if it wasn't in the enforcement motion or raised shortly afterward, and one person claims you can ask for it at any time. Who's right?

Should a forensic accountant have been able to find out a sale of a restaurant spouse did during divorce proceedings ?

Q: Over 35,000.00$ spent on forensic account.
She is done. Now I've discovered this restaurant sale by google search.
It was purchased during our 20 year marriage

My husband and I have not been together in 4 years. He is now living in Africa. Divorce papers are ready. Can't find him to sign

Q: 4 years separated. No kids. No joint anything! Social media has led me to believe he's in Africa. I can't locate him to sign papers. What do I do. I have divorce papers ready to be signed.

Can you tell me during a divorce between my son & his wife can I ask for the jewelery back that I gave her during the marriage.

Q: Our jewelery needs to be kept in the family so after divorce can I claim it All back from her

What do I file in supreme court to Quash a Subpoena Duces Tecum signed by the Justice?

Q: My ex-wife and I continue to battle 7 years after our divorce. we have an S.O.S. that documents terms for using a 529 account and limited to balance in 2011. I have continued to add to the account and my ex-wife filed a Subpoena Duces Tecum demanding all my statements since 2011. The Judge signed this in error. I want to stop it. thanks

May I ask my attorneys for the transcripts of questions they will ask at spouses deposition and my deposition was done already?

Q: My spouse is the income spouse. I have been a homemaker for 20 years of marriage and today getting divorced

Can my ex wife move to Florida with my two girls without my consent? We're in New York.

Q: We are legally divorced for over 3 years and haven't gone thru the courts for anything other than the divorce. We've handled every thing else between each other. Now she wants to move by end of June to Florida.

Can my marriage annulled?

Q: I will be married for 7 years in June and I recently found out I was pregnant. When I announced that I was to my husband he revealed he hasn't been happy in the relationship for a while now but never told me. He said it started when we were in Florida and we weren't even married then. He just married me we bought a house everything together and only says this now even wants me to terminate the pregnancy. Can I annul the marriage because I felt I was betrayed not knowing anything about how he felt. The whole marriage has been a lie.

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