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Westchester Divorce Attorney Archives

Retiring from nys have a dro from xwife was married for 6yrs. Can my current wife of 20 yrs b my beneficiary?

Q: My wife and I want to take the retiring plan of if i passed away she would continue to get my retirement after my death. Can I do that even tho I have a xwife of 6 yrs. also my xwife owes me years of back child support whst can I do to not have her get my retirement due to the monies she owes me? Thank you in advance

What law states that the financial terms of a divorce must be governed by Domestic Relations Law?

Q: If a marriage has all the exact characteristics of a partnership, what law says it must be governed by Domestic Relations Law rather than NY Partnership Law?

Do I have to pay counsel fees on family court in a different county if the case was closed?

Q: Family court case in the Bronx ran from March'16 to Dec'16 Divorce commenced Jul'16 to present. Can the more monied spouse be forced to pay family court counsel fees in Westchester Supreme Court at finalization of divorce?

How do I get back legal fees incurred due to the other Lawyer's office "clerical error"?

Q: I am currently at court with my husband for a divorce case. during the course of discovery process, my husband' Lawyer's office " made clerical errors"(this is based on what they said"), and was unable to present a lot of documents listed on the discovery noted. At that time, my lawyer and I did not know there was errors on their side, so we spent a lot of time asking for documents from my husband's lawyer, sending out subponeas trying to get the documents, then my husband's lawyer said there was clerical errors and documents were found somewhere and they sent some more documents to my lawyer, Now my lawyer's office has to work on the documents sent one more time.... A lot of legal fees incurred to my lawyer's work on this whole matter,and I am billed. How do I get my husband's lawyer to reimbusement for legal fees incurred working on getting the document due to their error and for trying to get their firm to reimbursement me? My lawyer asked for it but the other lawyer is totally ignoring my lawyer's request. Please advise? Thank you so much!

What is the procedure in New York for filing for emancipation as per a divorce agreement?

Q: My daughter is now 22 years old. This is the age that the divorce agreement says that she will be emancipated. She is finishing college in May 2017.
What legal procedure must be followed in the New York courts to enforce the divorce agreement and terminate the child support? 

Divorce and money question.

Q: Purchased a 3 family house in NJ as an investment for me and my 5 yr old (11/2016) and is under an LLC I started in (01/2017)I moved out (04/2016)and flied for divorce (02/2017). The money used for my closing and down payment was given to me by a family member as a gift not from any of my savings. Will that money given to me for down payment be a problem related to my divorce process ? All matters are in my financial paperwork.

Husband added to house title but not mortgage

Q: Hello. My soon to be ex-husband was added to my house title which was only in my name (now in both our names). He is not in the mortgage (only me). I am about to get divorced and I am staying in the house. I intend to live there for another 5 years. Can I sell the house without getting him involved in the future since he is not in the mortgage? Or do I need to get him off the title (I would prefer not to since it is costly); if I can have him write a notarized letter that he is giving up rights to the house I would prefer that. Is that feasible? Please advice

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