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Westchester Child Support Attorney Archives

How long does it take to enforce a New York Child Support Order against a noncustodial parent residing in the UK?

Q: My ex moved to the UK and has decided to stop paying child support. He is 18,750 in arrears so far. I filed an open case with the office of child support enforcement in New York, but I am having difficultly getting information on how the process works and how long it takes. I believe I have located his employer and I do have an accurate home address. 

Does the custodial parent or the NYS CSU petition for a violation of arrears and my daughter is 21.

Q: I have been divorced since 2009. I have been fighting in Family Court of Westchester County with him ever since. But it was interrupted once because he had testicular cancer and then he collected disability and I received around $1644.00 a month. He moved to the Netherlands and my payments stopped in July of this year although I had been getting it for years. He is also a British citizen. He has had many judgements, the NYS CSU can't tell me anything due to privacy laws or their stories change. One person said I need to petition for violation of arrears, someone else said you cannot petition for violation of arrears. A case was opened in The Netherlands but closed because they couldn't find him.
Some agents said letters were sent out and I had to wait 20 business days. 

Should i cancel the child support order

Q: Child support is only mandating the father pay $25 per kid a month we have 2, so that 50 he doesnt even keep up with bc he doesnt like being mandated by the court & he swears he wud do more if he wasnt obligated. My expenses are way over 50 a month i really cant do anything with that anyway should i just take him off? 

My son is 18 and working full time. Should I continue child support.

Q: I been paying my ex an agreed amount for over 14 years with minimal problems. My son graduated this past June and started seeking employment. Unfortunately, he has no intentions on attending college. He's currently working and trying to go full time. He takes a bus to his job and a car would make it easier. The issue started when I told his mother that I'd like to use the money that I give her, to purchase a car and pay the insurance for him. (The car is currently parked in my drive-way). She said it's not fair to her and if we go to court, they will award her more than what I give her. My question is, should I continue to pay her and return the car? or should I stop paying her and get the car on the road for my son and risk being dragged into child support court? 

Just won a motion for my ex to split our child's college per the agreement. Q: Do I have a shot at having my ex pay legal fees?

Q: I forgot to include a request for legal fees in the motion itself. Is it too late to make the request? I was thinking of preparing a motion to recoup legal fees, citing what's in the agreement regarding default. (I sent my ex several 'default notices' in the form of emails with receipts attached.) But I don't want to prepare a motion if it's going to be rejected immediately given that there was no request for legal fees in the motion itself. Advice? 

How Can Notice to Appear due to Past Child Support Arrears be Cancelled Out?

Q: I owe several mos. back child support arrears. Child Support Unit sent Notice to Appear to us. I just mailed them a payment after finally getting paid, as I only consult now. My ex has been very patient. Neither of us wants to go to court. How do we avoid going & cancel this? What are the next steps?

Child support question/ex wife supported by rich dad

Q: I've been divorced for 5 years in NY. I pay child support for 2 children. I'm a part-time school teacher earning a modest income. My fincee and I bought a small house with a small down payment. My ex-wife IRS 1040 shows $8,000 in earnings! She lives in a house that her father bought. Her father sends her money for all her payments; she only works part-time as a receptionist in a real estate office. She is demanding that I send her my IRS statement from last year, to get more money from me, of course.
I would like to know if she should be reporting all the gifts her father provides (housing and expenses all paid) and how her income should or should not affect my child support amount. Also, How will a judge in a court of law view this case?
Thank you very much

When do you stop paying child in NYS?

Q: I have a child support order for 2 children, who are now age 22 and 20. The 22 yr old graduates college in December the 21 yr old is working. If the 21 yr old decides to go to college next yr a month b/f the 21st bday do I have to continue to pay and when do I stop paying?

?what does it mean when the attorney says they accept the decision with prejudice

Q: Family court threw out my exs request to lower support - and reinstated full support which he had stopped- his attorney sent me a letter saying they accept the decision with prejudice as no hearing was held- I am confused as to what this means

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