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Westchester Child Support Attorney Archives

With equal shared custody, is offset guaranteed where only difference in child support of two parents is paid by higher earner ?

Q: 50-50 shared custody, equal joint legal and physical custody for both parents. Father earns more than the mother. Can offset be applied for child support payments where one calculates what mother would pay to father, and then what father would pay to mother for child support, and only difference between the two is actually paid by father? What needs to be done for getting this offset?

What happens if the court cannot find respondant for child support hearing?

Q: My ex did not show up to our first child support/paternity establishment hearing. We were both mailed "Notices to Appear". He told a mutual friend he didn't care. The judge said she is ordering him to be served and if he doesn't show up at the next court date then "next steps will be taken". The problem is, the address they have is not his. It's his best friend's mom's address. I'm not sure if the court has his current employer or not. I have zero contact with my ex. He's been evading any responsibilities for child support. What will happen if they can't serve him? If they do serve him then what will happen next if he doesn't show up?

What can I do I need a child support matter resolved and I do not want to use a court appointed lawyer is there anyone you help?

Q: Going back to court for my child's father lack of payment and help with our child?

What is the best option to reinstate my expired 2017 NYS Drivers License due to Child Support Arrears?

Q: I currently have $16,055.49 due to spotty employment and low paying jobs on and off since the Judgement in early 2000s. Since July 2017, I have obtained steady sufficient employment, I have been paying 750/month ($500 Judgement/$250 arrears) for 1 child from previous marriage. I have since remarried and had 2 other children. As a result of the arrears (or as they put it FAILURE TO PAY CHILD SUPPORT), My NY State DL was suspended Issue Date: 2014-02-28 Reinstatement Date: 2016-06-14. It expired 9/14/1978. I have been told by CSE to fill out a net worth affidavit & DMV challenge. then wait 45 days for response. Is this my only course of action to get my License reinstated (despite expiration) or do I have other options?

What to do?

Q: My son just turned 22 and I'm still getting payments just found my divorce papers and it was suppose to stop at 21 I'm lost 

If custodial parent dies and there is an arrears and child is over 21, what steps should non-custodial parent take?

Q: Custodial parent lives in florida and the non-custodial parent lives in New York. I have been paying my support and arrears weekly. The custodial parent died and the child is 21 years of age. The child has been away at college on scholarship and now is home living with grandparents and hasn't been living with custodial parent prior to death and not attending school and has been working. Now the child will be residing with non-custodial parent in New York and planning on returning to school later next year with the financial help of non- custodial parent 

How long does it take to enforce a New York Child Support Order against a noncustodial parent residing in the UK?

Q: My ex moved to the UK and has decided to stop paying child support. He is 18,750 in arrears so far. I filed an open case with the office of child support enforcement in New York, but I am having difficultly getting information on how the process works and how long it takes. I believe I have located his employer and I do have an accurate home address. 

Does the custodial parent or the NYS CSU petition for a violation of arrears and my daughter is 21.

Q: I have been divorced since 2009. I have been fighting in Family Court of Westchester County with him ever since. But it was interrupted once because he had testicular cancer and then he collected disability and I received around $1644.00 a month. He moved to the Netherlands and my payments stopped in July of this year although I had been getting it for years. He is also a British citizen. He has had many judgements, the NYS CSU can't tell me anything due to privacy laws or their stories change. One person said I need to petition for violation of arrears, someone else said you cannot petition for violation of arrears. A case was opened in The Netherlands but closed because they couldn't find him.
Some agents said letters were sent out and I had to wait 20 business days. 

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