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Bronx Domestic Violence Archives

Can I file a restraining order against someone who is stalking me through the internet?

Q: This person has is bipolar and has issues . The woman has told nother person that she went on my person Facebook and was reading everything I do . She filed a report on me not to long ago with acs on me trying to have my children taken away. It seems like she's trying to start up something again.

Can a case be reopen after 5 years?

Q: my ex-girlfriend took me to court for domestic violence. I have not seen her in 6 or 7 years. she file right after I file for my visitation rights to see my son. And I got served with court papers so now they doing an investigation and they put my court court day on hold for my visitation rights to see my son. in sept. 2012 I was stop by the cops cause they thought I had an open beer while they went and check in the system the 2012 domestic violence called she made pop-up. they called her but she never answer so the police officer told me the case will be dismissed so they never process any paper work and the release me.

When a petition is dismissed by the judge, do all final and temporary orders get dismissed as well?

Q: In October 2016, my ex did not show up to a hearing for custody/visitation and the judge dismissed the petition since he filed. In july 2016 we had two court orders made : a final order of joint legal custody and a temporary order for visitation. When the petition was dismissed I was told it was as if he never filed and he would have to refile. My question is, were both orders dismissed or just the temporary one. If they were both made under the same petition and the petition wad dismissed do I still need to follow it.

Are temporary orders of protections served to the respondent?

Q: I filed for an order of protection about two weeks ago. I got a temporary order of protection until the hearing in two weeks. I want to dismiss the order of protection because we decided to work everything out. I want to know if a temporary order of protection is served to the respondent. I don't want the order to be served because he is suicidal and I would like to protect him from harming himself much more during this time in his life when he is going through so much. I called the court and they told me that I can just miss the hearing and it will be dismissed, but I just want to know if it will be served to the respondent although it is temporary for these two weeks only. I need help. I am regretting even going to file because now I can't even sleep thinking that he will do himself harm once it is delivered. Someone please help me out. Will a temporary order given until the hearing be delivered to the respondent? 

Contacting a lawyer for constant electronic harassment, and stalking?

Q: constantly being harassed by individuals,by electronic harassment, and stalking?
A: David's Answer: If the "individuals" are not related or someone you had (or have) an intimate relationship with, then your remedy is to contact the police. Otherwise, you may consider filing for an order of protection. For more info, call a Bronx Domestic Violence attorney.

What can I do to help myself? If he already is making a statement regarding his doubting me, what the hell can I do?

Q: The gist of it is, my ex husband is violating the order of protection I have in place against him in order to make it look like in purposefully getting in the way of his court ordered visits with our son. The problem is, he continues to violate the order and his stance is that I'm fabricating the reports so that he gets arrested and misses his visits. He missed an entire month (January) because he claimed to "fear being arrested" due to a warrant. The judge is saying I shouldn't have him arrested anymore, what the hell? He says it looks like I'm manipulating the system and it's untrue.

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