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Bronx Divorce Attorney Archives

My wife keep threatening me if i divorce her , she will kill herself and write a note that i was the reason for her death.

Q: I have been married to her for over 2 years and she suffer of deep depression , now we are not living together and i am thinking on moving on with my life and i met someone else i am planning to be with , but the problem is she keep threatening me if i decide to leave her , she will commit suicide and write a note that i was the reason for her death because she knows i will be in trouble , knowing that we do have a case with uscis pending for over a year and i didnt get my papers yet but i am not willing to be with her anymore . What i am suppose to do ? 

My wife lives overseas and is refusing to give me her address to serve the divorce papers. How can I divorce her?

Q: I am a US citizen in NY, USA. She is in Ethopian now in Ethopia( not part of the Hague Apostille Convention). We have been seperated since 12/2008. We have no kids. I don't know where she lives. She reaches out to me once in a while and then disappares. How do you serve someone who doesn't want to be served? 

Can i still get divorced from my DR husband.He is not in NYC. Am i still legally married? Its been 7yrs in a pending case

Q: Im Married to a DR man for over 7 years, our case is pending. He lives in DR. I want a divorce. He moved but all i know is were his mother lives. Im i still legally married since its 7 years, he is in DR and i live here in NYC?

Can I get a divorce a month after my marriage?

Q: My case is really complicated. I'm an overstayed immigrant who got married to an American in New York. Our marriage is just 1month but I've not set my eyes on him since we got married. We never lived together or acquired any property together. I feel like I got married to a stranger and I really want to be out of this soonest. How can I get a divorce and forget I was once married?

How long does an annulment process take without newly married spouses having assets?

Q: I have been married for 5 months. my husband and I are living on different island. He have mislead me in many ways the person he claim to be he is not. he lies a lot and do not support me. we hardly talk on phone or video call each other. theres ...

If my husband stays out for days at a time will that help me with the divorce should I file a missing persons report each time i

Q: I desperately need a divorce my husband stays out for 2 days at a time should I file a missing persons report and will this help me with my divorce

How to find out If I'm married or divorce?

Q: In 1999 I was having issues with my mom. I met a man from Pakistan whom I really thought was my friend. He helped me when I was down. He convinced me to marry him bc I wasn't going to suffer. We married in Yonkers.
One day I over heard my husband telling someone on the phone that he married me for his green card.
When I found out what that meant I ran away and I haven't seen him since.
Now I'm 42 and in love with the best man. And would love to get married. Need more info on how to go about knowing if I'm married. 

Can I evict my wife from my co-op apartment that I purchased prior to our marriage?

Q: I purchased my NYC co-op apartment, moved my then girlfriend and her daughter in to the apartment about a year later. We got married and she has assisted me with paying maintenance while she has lived with me. We are now in a very bad place and will be getting a divorce. We have agreed that she will move out but I want to ensure I'm able to enforce this given that we are now sharing an apartment even though we are no longer in a relationship. 

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