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Bronx Divorce Attorney Archives

What is the reason for my court appearance as the Plaintiff in my uncontested divorce?

Q: In October 2016 I hired an attorney to file for uncontested divorce on the grounds of irretrievable breakdown. All documents and fees were promptly filed in the aforementioned date. My spouse was served about 2 to 3 months later. A date has been set for July 2017 to appear in court. All matters have been addressed including a custody order made in June 2016 in family court after a trial which lasted almost three years. I was under the impression that an uncontested divorce does not require a court appearance.

I have been legally married for 10 years but, my first child with my spouse is 14 years old. I would like to know if I can get?

Q: If I can get alimony? My husband wants to have 4 dogs we currently have 3 I totally disagree with one more dog. I am feed up with this situation I want to get a divorce. My children are not happy he is an abusive controlling freak. My oldest child is constantly asking me to get a divorce because he cannot stand his own father. He is currently making $570 a week but, soon at around January he will be making $950. Should I wait until then to file for divorce and child support. Pls help tx

Can my wife disappeared 10 years then go to dominican republic and get a divorce without me know anything?

Q: Got marry in 2003 wife disappearedin 2005 in 2015 she got a divorce in dominican repliblic and in 2017 she gave me a divorce decree from dominican republic.

How do i file for a poor man divorce in nyc?

Q: Ive been seperated from my wife for over 5 years. We have 4 children together in which 3 of them still resides with me..they are also minors... Their mother has been living in georgia for 3 years now. Ive had the kids in my care for about 5 years. Im also currently on welfare and public assistance. 

I want to ask a question for a divorce lawyer!

Q: I am married for 7 yrs.I own a house for 2 yrs. before I married. I am on ssd. I really don't have any money. My wife works and doesn't pay any bills. ALL WE DO IS FIGHT.we don't get along at all. I want her out of my house and she wont move out. I asked her many times to leave, Please how can I get her out of my house, she is an alcoholic and drinks every nt, she falls on the floor, misses work a lot and is just not for me anymore, I'm at my wits end, How can I get her out of my life and my house? We don't have any c

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