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Bronx Divorce Attorney Archives

How can I get an attorney to represent my case if I have no money?

Q: My husband left me and our 11 year old daughter 6 months ago and left me in total debt after 15 years together 6 years 8 months of marriage. He has served me himself physically with an uncontested divorce papers and the info within is false information! How can I obtain a lawyer if I don't have monies to pay upfront? The attornies I have seen this far want money up front. Is there any programs or so i can go through to get representation? 


Q: I am American I married my husband in Jamaica - he's Jamaican. He was denied to come to America to live with me we have been married over 4 years and I would like to divorce him because we cannot live together. Can I divorce him from here in America and if so would it be uncontested?

Can I vacate my divorce settlement agreement?

Q: Shortly after inquest, and before final judgement was signed in my divorce, I was diagnosed with a life threatening illness requiring continued medical treatment and monitoring for the rest of my life. I cannot work, and I will have to go on welfare soon as I don't see what else I can do. Can I vacate my settlement agreement where I signed away rights to maintenance, since the divorce has not yet been finalized? I have been a stay at home mom for over 15 years and am 60 years old. My husband owns 2 restaurants, and intimidated me into signing away my rights to maintenance, all retirement accounts, and to give him any cash I had saved in order to allow me to stay in the marital home. He refused to allow an appraiser, so I ended up paying over market value because I had nowhere else to go and no income. I gave up everything because I was so tired of his bullying and threats that I was getting anxiety and insomnia and losing my hair so I wanted it all over with. I see now it was stupid but didn't know what else to do. This home was originally given to me upon marriage by my parents and is the only thing I have now. Do I have any possibility of vacating the agreement? Thank you.

Will my lawsuit against a trade union succeed.

Q: During my divorce proceeding my Atty got a quadro for me. I assumed that also meant my share of ex husband's annuity acct. After not receiving any cash i called the union they told me I signed a notarized letter stating i did not want any money (who does this). I asked for a copy of said letter which someone had forged my signature. The union never checked with it notified me. How do you think this case will go.also I was married for 32 years the quadro only covered 17 years of the marriage and not the 32, can I get that corrected.

My husband has filed for a uncontested divorce and is asking me for a copy of my health insurance card. Is this normal process?

Q: I'm married for 6 years/14 years together total. My husband is seeking uncontested divorce due to me being a bible student of a religion he believes is a cult. He has started proceedings and is pressuring me to give him copy of my health insurance card. We have a 11year old child. Is this request normal or is he being sneaky?! Please help. I dont know what to do.

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