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Bronx Child Support Attorney Archives

Child support on external account?

Q: The father of my son is depositing child support on western union not child support account. He doesnt want to comply with child support orders and wants to do his way. Court date is in a month. Can he do this? What could happen at court? Should I take this money or wait for court date?

Is rent expense should be considered into child support?

Q: I have child support case going on. When i opened it I asked the judge to consider my rent expense because I rent the whole apartment alone just to provide safe living environment for my daughter.The rent amount takes up 75% of my income. The judge said it is irrelevant. Should I do audit for the child support case?

Can a credit be applied to child support arrears from money paid outside the agreement?

Q: My daughter is now 21 & even though I am still in arrears I pay support every week more than my order to try & make a dent in what I owe. My daughter is a college student & I have been paying her rent on the side for about 2 years, Even though I make steady payments + my daughter's rent my accounts have been wiped out & I can't keep getting wiped out & having no money for myself to live. Is there any way the rent payments for my daughter can be applied to my support arrears? I can prove payments that are paid out of my bank account monthly.

I owe over $120,000 in child support and I can't relax. How much time am I facing in New York State?

Q: I'm homeless practicing sobriety and honestly not able to live with this hindering me. I'm unable to find the peace of mind nor the happiness required to live for this reality I am aware of.
I do want to be responsible yet I refuse to find myself in a situation where I have to put my possessions in somebodies else's name because of my irresponsible behavior so please let me know

How do I go about getting my license for work if I owe child support which I am now paying?

Q: I have a job and they want to promote me. In order for me to move up I need my license. I have been paying my child support since I started working. I never had a license before.

How often can the primary parent take the noncustodial parent to court to request more support.? At what age does payment end?

Q: Under what circumstances can the primary parent request additional support? Is it every 2 yrs that they can ask for more money? Doe child support ends at the age of 18 or 21?

Child support add ons

Q: I received a violation of support order for add ons. dating back to 2011. The problem is their was never any order from that year. Can i have this thrown out ?
We were in court 2013 -15, she was ordered to provide proof of add ons, she never did . i did however make 1k a year payments to her directly in good faith. Also it states all medical decisions must be made jointly . this never happened. Now all of a sudden she is saying she has all the bills. there's something fishy with this. Is there anything i can do to fight this?

Child support modification due to injury

Q: Hello all. and thank you in advance . I am seeking a modification in child support due to work related injury.
The issues.
After serious injuries were found company is fighting the case.( I was taken off site in a ambulance .) Obviously i had to file for a downward modification of child support till issues can be resolved. I do not want to reveal details of injury to ex wife. Am i protected under HIPPA ? or am i required to reveal the extent of injury to her and the court? Thanks

A: David's Answer:
You'd need to reveal the nature of the injuries to your ex & the Court. You'd generally have a similar obligation to them as you would regarding your disability application - medical proof of your diagnosis, prognosis, and impact on your ability to work. Schedule a consult with a Bronx Child Support attorney for a full assessment.

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