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Bronx Child Support Attorney Archives

What can you do if the non-custodial parent has excessive arrears but is making regular payments of less than 30% court order?

Q: My daughter's father makes regular payments to child support that equals about 25% of what he was ordered to pay. Because of this, the other 75% gets added to the arrears which is almost at 36K. This is becoming a real hardship as the amount that he's paying does not even cover half of my daughter's child care expenses. I am starting to get the impression that as long as he is paying something regularly, the Child support enforcement agency is not concerned about the arrears. What can I do to ensure that he at least starts making the required payment 

Can I change my child support court date to obtain representation?

Q: I have a case in Bronx Family court with my ex who's the typical pro who lived on and knows how to get over on the system. Works but maneuvers to some how get (section 8, food stamps. She didn't served me because I wasn't taking care of my daughter. In fact i was giving her $800 monthly plus additional for diapers and milk. She served me because she wanted MORE money and scorned...4th child, 4th baby daddy. I'm not rich. I work for the city. I made 50k last year due to job injuries (out on disability). Got a part time on the side this year.
A lot of personal hardships unexpected...I have to pay back restitution as I got in trouble with some financial stuff. That kills my pockets but I still had my daughter as priority. I've been going to court the past few months prose, as I couldn't afford an attorney. I don't qualify for one pro bono nor low income. Im paying $1300/month temporary child support. Was told it's too much. It was based on last year tax and my new part time. She had an attorney and I just feel bullied & clueless in the hearings. I'm searching for an attorney but the days are close. I have court in 2 weeks in the Bx. Can I postpone to obtain council? 

I can't find My Son's Mother so she can pay child support, what can I do?

Q: I won custody on my son about 2 years ago in a custody case, there was no judgment for child support because the mother didn't bring in any of her financial info. when I applied for child support she had disappeared. I asked the courts and they are making no effort to look for her, but I know she is filing taxes and has a job but I don't know where she works. what can I do? Is there someone who can help me?

Case filed in the Bronx, New York State family court for child support, has the statue of limitations run out?

Q: My mother filed an order for support against my father in 1995, when I was 16 years old in the Bronx, NY, where we lived at the time. My father, who lived in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania at the time the order was filed, paid child support to my mother from the time I was 16 years old, until I had a child at 20 years old (I was still a full-time college student, but worked full-time). I believe he was able to get the payments stopped because I had a child, and a full-time job. However, he had an arrears balance of about $11,000 that he did not pay. I am now 38 years old, and my mother, who lives in New York State, wants the arrears balance paid to her so she can help pay off my student loans. My father now lives in California, and works. Can my mother file an order for him to pay the arrears balance, or has the statue of limitations run out? It has been about 18 years since he paid anything to my mother.

My children's father does not want me to go back into the home that we both own.

Q: In December 2016, I had to move from my home where I lived w/my children's father because day in & day out he continued to be verbally abusive to me in front of our children. I didn't know how to kick him out because he is the owner of the home & I knew he would not leave. Therefore, after hearing him continuously throw me out of the house I was forced to leave to prevent my children from seeing this kind of abuse. When I left I tried to talk to him & I continuously asked if he could provide financial support for the children & he would always state to me that it was my responsibility because I took the children w/me. For months I tried to talk to him asking to please help me w/the children's expenses & he would attack me & say it was my obligation. So, I finally took him to child support & finally after 9 months of no financial support he was court ordered to pay child support. But in that 9months my bills piled up & I couldn't afford my rent/food for my children & it forced me once again to move. I moved back to my moms & now I live in a room w/my 2 young children. I've asked him if I could move back into our house in 1 of the apartments, that I would pay rent. He refuses.

How can I get my arrears lowered can't afford to pay the 277... how can you help?

Q: I'm disabled and I only get $525 from SSD child support is taking $277 of that I can't even pay my rent I don't get food stamps so how am I supposed to eat please help me I no longer live in New Jersey I live in New York now don't have enough money to travel back to New Jersey to go to court don't know what to do please help

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