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Bronx Child Support Attorney Archives

How do i receive overpayment of child support from noncustodial parent?

Q: I have sole legal and physical custody of my daughter. Last time i went to court for child support, the order was temporarily reduced for a year. Now her dad has a new job and our child support account reflects multiple payments every single week. Since the order itself mandates him him to ONLY pay a set amount, now that hes back on his feet there is an over payment of arrears for $2200. How can i receive this amount that is literally sitting in the hands of the Collection unit and cannot be touched. Is it even an option to get this entire amount paid to me? Would we both have to appear in court again to get this settled?

How much money of a college loan does a parent has to pays when one is already paying child support?

Q: My daughter is going to take out a 40,000 dollar a year loan for 4 years for college. I pay child support now. How much of this money am I required by law to pay back? 

I am being charged arrears for child support because mom was on public assistance but mom didn't even have custody of my son?

Q: I had temp custody and then the grandma had custody but mom collected public assistance for a child that wasn't even living with her and the state is coming for me for 43k. I would like advise as to what I could do to fight this. 

How can we win this?

Q: Just was served papers from my fiancé's ex about us not paying medical expenses. The original agreement from FL stated that she had 30 days from her paying for us to pay her and we had 30 days to provide payment. Case was modified in 2014 to increase child support and increase in percentage he has to pay. We don't pay if it has been past 30 days. She says NY agreement doesn't have a date period of when she must provide receipts. If the court document says Modified doesn't the signed agreement from FL still uphold?

How can I modify child support agreement after moving out of state?

Q: I am a non custodial parent who recently moved to Texas from NYC. I have a child support agreement (made in Bronx Supreme Court as part of divorce) with my ex for 860 (I pay her directly instead of paying the court). I wanted my divorce papers, so me and her agreed to this amount even though I was an unemployed full time student using the GI Bill and getting a monthly allowance under the program (mistake). After graduating, I worked in NY. Me and her agreed that I would pay her a lower support amount than the original agreement. (I was making less than my GI allowance and followed the 17% rule). I got a new job in Texas and just moved here 2 weeks ago. We a have been discussing the new amount based on my new income (still following 17%). She also wants me to pay half of child care costs (60/week. She says that she pays her boyfriends mom to watch my daughter while she works part time). Not even sure how to prove that as she could claim any price she wanted. We're trying to draft a notarized agreement between each other to compensate for the difference from the original agreement. I never hired a lawyer. I am just trying to make sure I don't get screwed now or in the future.

Is there any way to stop the involuntary withholding of my wages for child support?

Q: Is there any way to stop the involuntary withholding of my wages? I would be more at ease paying my child support by check, money order or electronically as opposed to them automatically taking the money out of my wages themselves. It doesn't leave me with enough time to catch up on my other bills/expenses especially since right now I'm only receiving unemployment.

How do they get employer info for Income withholding orders?

Q: My fiance was put on child support from his ex. He placed his current job down when he went to court and showed pay stubs. The case was adjourned and he received a temporary child support order. We just received the copy of the IWO form in the mail and it listed an old employer. Why would they list an old employer on the form. Where did they get this information from? Did they look at his social security security number? And if so why wouldn't they put the most recent employer down? Is this the employer his ex put down as the last known employment for him?

If my son's mother no longer has custody of my son and I don't have custody do I still have to keep paying child support?

Q: My son's mother lost custody of my son and I don't have custody is it mandatory for me to keep paying child support. I'm confused.

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