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Bronx Child Custody Attorney Archives

When a child support order is vacted in NY is the language, admission of paternity, and custody also vacated?

Q: Father admitted paternity for purpose of paying child support. Fathers name is not on birth certificate or any other legal document. Mother is granted child support and sole custody of child. Later father is garnished for child support, files for temp custody of child because child lives with him due to the mothers eviction. Court grants temp custody to father. Father immediately gets child support order vacated that established paternity. Father now wants sole custody to a child he now has no legal parental rights to. Mother has reestablished housing and job.

If my child mom lie to the cops & the father proof it in court,when the mom goes to jail for perjury,do dad gets care of child?

Q: Dad is on the birth certificate and provides for his child financially, there's no child protective services involved. Does dad get physical custody without having to answer to nobody legally and the child has dad's surname as well.

Tempoary guardianship of my two grandchildren?

Q: My two grandchildren have lived with me from birth but my housing complex said that i need custody of the children to add them to my lease . They're parents are hard working single mothers and are not on drugs or anything just need help with a stable place to stay and help watching the kids while they work the grand children are 6 and 10 years old.

If grandparents spank child for discipline can father take action?

Q: My boyfriend has a child with his ex. His daughter is 3.5 years old. The child has always lived with the mother and the grandparents. There has never been a court order but they seem to always compromise on holidays and visitations. My boyfriend and the mother of the child do not have the means to physically or financially care for the child and so the grandparents have always taken over. While the mother was in college the grandmother babysat the child. A few months ago they both agreed to have the child be sent to Puerto Rico with the grandparents while they both situate their stuff so that when the child comes back they will have the means to take care of the child. A day ago the child told my boyfriend that her grandparents spanked her and he has basically lost it and doesn't agree with physical discipline. He asked the mother if she was okay with it and she said yes. He is saying to me that he is going to tell them that if he doesn't agree then they cannot spank the child. What legal say does he have on that topic if the grandparents have basically raised the child and the mother consents to spanking as discipline?

Does Sole custody and termination of visitations for non custodial parent grants free relocation without any restrictions ?

Q: I have been the primary caregiver to my child since her birth. Visitation right are not exercised for 2 years. There are multiple violations of payment for child support. I have in mind to file for Sole custody and termination of visitations. I am curious about relocation because I am soon to graduate college and would like to have freedom in expanding my job search outside of NY state in order to benefit living conditions for my child. I would not like to be bothered by relocation case upon receiving a decent job offer outside of NY state. 

Visitation rights are not exercised, what can I do about it?

Q: My child have not seen her father for 2 years now, even though there is an order for visitations. He even refuses to speak with her on the phone. She is at that age now , where she realizes that she has a father, and she misses him ( even she does not know him), she feels sad very often and expresses it. I am terrifies to think that she will have psychological issues because of that later in her life. I am heart broken right now, and feel frustrated as a parent I can not do anything about it. Can I enforce visitations somehow through the court system? I am in NY.

Can I travel or move to a different state without consent ?

Q: My son is 5 his father isn't on the birth certificate we did go to court judge claim him as the father no modification of the birth certificate and no custody was spoken of I'm planning a vacation and moveing to a different state what should I do

My is 1 year old father and I have joint he doesn't fallow court order Visit ?

Q: My song is 1 me and dad have joint he has to have him every other weekend and 3 full weeks in the summer some night during his visite with dad I have to pick him up at 2-3 o'clock in the morning because baby won't stop crying I want full custody and to end sleepover what can I do ??

What does a women gain by having full custody of one child & why would she want it?

Q: Child support is automatically pay by the order of the court. I'm relocating from New York State to Florida. The mother is willing to sign for the child to have visitation summers & hoildays with me but for exchange I sign & give her full custody of our child. Her excuse, the child primarily live with her.

Child Visitation?

Q: I am taking my daughter's mother to court for visitation rights. She has kept me from seeing my child for a year. They live in Florida and I live in the Bronx. Before moving to Florida, we had a verbal agreement that I would see my child during the summer time and Christmas. That verbal agreement was violated. The mother cut off all communication I had with my daughter by purposely changing her number and disconnecting her old phone line. The mother has been served and the court date is next week. What are demands I can bring to court so that this does not happen again.

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