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Bronx Child Custody Attorney Archives

I need advise and help?

Q: Basically my story is this... I am 31 years old with a severely disabled daughter, I lived in Florida but left for better doctors in NY, my mother took my daughter from we're she was and filed for temporary custody of my youngest child then went after me for child support, I have been in and out of jobs and owe over 9,000 in child support. I am looking to get my daughter back due to unlivable conditions of my parents house, I was wondering how I could go about that from NY to Florida and if there is any help that can b provided. Thank you very much.
If it helps I did send packages to my daughter and speak to her everyday. I just wAnt my daughter back and have been trying since a year after I brought my 2end oldest to NY. But I don't know how with this Temporary custody agreement, as well as my father sexually Abused both me and my sister, I just need help getting her away from there.

Can the judge grant me a temporary order of protection the day I'm supposed to show up from when I was summons by my kids father?

Q: Previous DV case in 2015, court gave me full custody sole and legal of both my kids with him . 2017 we was in court for relocation he didn't want us too but we came to a settlement. Now back in court cause he wants joint custody and he called before summons me acs because my oldest son walked out the building from while we were supposed to go buy. He walked 2 blocks to his grandpa house and now he wants to use that for joint and so I won't relocate anymore. Yest he refuse to give the kids back I had to call the cops ,he wanted I to show up and get them which got me nervous since he has a violent past told my mother to get the kids for me since he refuse made the police report ,he keeps telling everyone we have joint custody but we don't. I'm scared because everyone showed up to his rescue his brother and all which have criminal past and also I'm scared to not get the kids back if I continue to give visits as it is now. He keeps brainwashing the children and I have a few recorded conversations. Can I get an order of protection even if its temporary. I really don't feel safe he also gets along w a few cops from the precinct and court

Can my son travel out of state to visit me if his mother has an open ACS case?

Q: My son current lives with his mother in NYC, and I live in Kansas City Missouri. His mother recently got into an open ACS case because someone called and said she was taking drugs. He was supposed to come and see me this summer, but now she is saying he isn't allowed to leave the state with the case being open. I need to know if this is true or another attempt to keep him from me.

My daughters father wants joint custody, but i want nothing to do with him, can i just ask for visitation rights instead?

Q: He wants joint custody but iam very uncomfortable around him. I give him my daughter every weekend since last year i barely get to spend time with my daughter on the weekends. Can i ask for just visits every other weekend and share holidays. I really dont want communication much with him.

I'm seeking to relocate from NY to NC two different dads?

Q: The father of my 6 year old we have no court order but he was decleared the father by the court with out dna he does not support my son I do allow the child to spend time with him every other weekend do to his mothers recuest no court order establish of custody or vist .Dad of my 2 year old we have joint custody every other weekend 2 weeks in the summer pays child support. I do have immediate family in NC and a good job offer from the family company itself and house ready I'm a mother of 7 children and New York is really hard to survive even tho I can do it but it would be great for me and my children to have more space they are refusing to let me move.

Who should do pick and drop off during visitation?

Q: My friend has a child with his ex who is 4 years old. She has no other children. He also has a child with his current partner that is 1 years old. There is no official court order but they do visitation approximately every other weekend. Saturday to sunday. At first the ex was bringing the child and then my friend would take the child back on Sunday. But now the ex wants my friend to do both pick up and drop off. It is close to a 2 hour commute by the subway. Since he also has a baby at home would a judge order him to do both pick and drop off or is it possible for him to get in a court order for the ex to bring the child to him and then he takes her back the next day? Since he would spend a lot of time traveling and he has another child that he has to watch sometimes in the mornings while the mom is at work.

Can a father (ncp) try for primary custody if he doesn't have the means for it?

Q: My friend has an ex who wants to try to get primary custody. The child is almost 4 years old and has always lived with the mother. The ex doesnt make as much money as the mother, he is always broke, and has no bedroom or things for the child. He also wants to pull the child out of her preschool so that he doesn't need to pay the tution. He lives in the bronx and the mother lives in queens. He lives with his gf and their new baby. But she is the breadwinner. He was just placed on child support and it was more then he expected. He wants to try to get primary custody so as to get off of child support. Would he be able to get primary custody if the mother is a good mom and the child lives in a good area, in a nice apartment and has her own bedroom and things. The child is attached to both parents. If he can't get primary and he tries for joint, If he gets granted 50-50 physical custody would he still have to pay full child support to the mother in New York State?

Can I get the custody order modified?

Q: My ex-husband has custody of our 4-year-old son. However, since the order went into effect December 9th, 2017, he works two jobs and has no real time with our son. Our son is either with his girlfriend, other family members or in school. I get three weekends out of the month for visits, every Thursday 8pm to Sunday 2pm I want joint custody or sole custody, if possible, whereas he could legally physically live with me and his two sisters and my ex would actually have more time with him if we just gave him those three weekends a month but starting from Friday to Sunday due to school scheduling and such. We communicate failry well, well enough at least but he isnt being cooperative regarding information about our son and it's a bit childish. He misses his sisters, my daughters, and it would be in his best interest to be with them and to be taken care of by his parent and not pawned off on others. Is this real sufficient? Also, I've recently gotten into a 3 bedroom apartment via voucher, I'm on public assistance and I'm in school full-time during the day and I'm out before they get out of school.

Can't my ex put my last name on the the baby birth certificate?

Q: hi my ex says i got her pregnant so when she gave birth she put my last name on the babys birth certificate and one i didnt sign no paper there were mine and right now i was tested recently for a dna because i aint sure if there mines and we were never married or anything.

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